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In Gifu Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Ena, in the eponymous city, Gin No Mori attracts foodies and gourmets for years. Literally The Forest of Dishes, the company location is surrounded by forest with a small river that sings the four seasons. Let’s enjoy a sweet, delicious and quiet moment at Gin No Mori shopping park. 

Japanese traditional Restaurant kaiseki


"Kaiseki" cuisine is the core of Gosechie Restaurant. It is the top of the notch in the Japanese gastronomy.

dashi fish consommé Japanese bento


Our Japanese side dishes brand that labels one the most fine "dashi", Japanese fish  consommé. One of the main ingredient for cooking Japanese.

Hand Made Japanese Pastries Ena Gifu Japan


In Ena chestnut is the king. Mikuriya's kurikinton and dorayaki are the best sellers in this brand. There are also different Japanese "wagashi" available.

Osechi Maker


Gin No Mori core business is "osechi", a traditional dish served for the New Year. Hand crafted, it is THE Japanese fine food box.

Hand Made French Pastries Ena Gifu


Apples from Aomori or other regions are here baked into a delicious apple pie. Our bakery serves also other pastries : cheesecakes, jams, "castella"...

Italian Restaurant Ena Gifu pasta pizza


A Japanese Italian Café & Restaurant close to the main shop. You can have coffee for tea break and have party place on evening (Reservation required).

You will find all those brands and restaurants in our shopping park of Ena. There are also :

  • Main Shop with local specialties and our main products
  • A snack bar to eat paninis and drink natural juices and soups
  • A "marché" where you find fresh local vegetables
  • A garden that changes according to the seasons : "sakura" or cherry blossoms during Spring, "momiji" or red leaves during Autumn.
  • A forest path along the river close to our factories
  • Our 2 factories : one for pastries and one for osechi

Gin No Mori Ena