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  • Corporate Name: Gin No Mori Corporation
  • Start of business: 1970, incorporated in May 1972
  • Legal Representative: CEO Kousaku WATANABE
  • Stated Capital: 40 000 000 Yens
  • Address: 2711-2 Oicho Ena, Gifu Prefecture 509-7201
  • Contacts: TEL (0081)573-25-2095 FAX (0081)573-26-3118
  • Employees: about 200
  • Business fields: Manufacturing of frozen meals, manufacturing of frozen osechi, management of Gin No Mori park and commercial center.


  • 1950 Daisaku Watanabe learned first at his father and grand-father’s tofu making company.
  • 1969 Daisaku Watanabe took over the company.
  • 1970, he starts sushi production. In 1972, he changed the company name to Gin Shari Honpo Limited Liability Company. From then the company diversifies its activities to various food products.
  • 1981 Moving the company to Ena Osashima Nagata-cho Hajiro into new premises.
  • 1995 Raise of capital of 10 000 000 Yens.
  • 1996 Moving into a new factory at Ena Ôi-chô Yokohira.
  • 2000 Restaurant and shop Mori no Shokutaku opened. Environmental excellence award for the factory by the R & D center on reforestation.
  • 2002 Start of the home delivery for remote selling. Start of R&D center. Award of Environmental Excellence awarded by the Office of Chubu METI.
  • 2003 Award of Ecological Excellence awarded by the METI.
  • 2007 Expansion of the logistics center.
  • 2011 Pastry factory started operations. Gin No Mori opened.
  • 2013 Gin Shari Honpo became Gin No Mori Corporation Limited Company.
  • 2014 Second Gin No Mori shop opened at AEON shopping mall in Kagamihara (Gifu Pref.).
  • 2015 Third Gin No Mori shop opened at Masa21 shopping center in Gifu City.


Daisaku WATANABE, CEO, loves saying this sentence at any time of the day – in a meeting, during a conversation with a customer or while a coffee break.

“If people were eating delicious things, everybody would be happy and healthy.”

Our work is not limited to the research of the taste. We are continuously observing, discovering as in the world many delicious things exist. That is why we always experience new recipes, we always taste new products, and we try again and again, as long as the taste is not satisfying. Aren’t you expecting this from us?

“We bring happiness to people with our exquisite dishes.”

It is the very reason of our existence.

Without saying, at the first sight, our cooking is complicated. We challenge ourselves to reach the perfect final product and its wonderful taste.