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By train or by car, getting to Ena is not too difficult. Do not hesitate to contact us before coming or if you get lost !

By Train : 
  • From Nagoya take the Chuo Line to Ena (1h30) then by walk (30 min) / bus or taxi (5 min) arrive to Gin No Mori

By Car :

  • Take the Chuo Highway to Ena. About 1h30 from Nagoya and 2h from Nagano.

Average time by car :

Ena Gin No Mori ― Ena kyo 15min

Ena Gin No Mori ― Magome 30min

 ― Gero 1h10min

 ― Takayama 2h

 ― Toyama 4h

 ― Matumoto Castle 2h 

 ― Kawaguchi Lake 3h15min 

 ― Nagoya/Sakae 1h30min

 ― Kyoto 2h20min

 ― Universal Studio Japan 3h

 ― Tokyo Disney Sea & Resort 4h30min

Where to stay ?

Enakyo Grand Hotel 10min  0573-25-5375

Hotel Route Inn Ena 20min 0573-20-1120

Yukai Resort Enakyo 10 min

City Hotel Michi 10 min

Radium Onsen 2 min

Guesthouse Tomida 30 min

access map to Ena Gin No Mori Japan


inside of Ena Gin No Mori Shopping Park

Gin No Mori Ena