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Now, enjoy the blessing of the forest that can only be found here

As Japanese, we value the beauty of seasonal changes, like the change of smell, colors, and so on. It`s amazing to find none of these changes are the same and each and one of them has its own meaning of life. There isn't any wastable stuff within these forests, which countless lives foster.
Our Company "GIN NO MORI" is luckily surrounded by these beautiful natures and we are able to explore these natures' infinite possibility and carefully use them as our ingredients. Now, enjoy the blessing of the forest that can only be found here.

Japanese traditional Restaurant kaiseki


"Kaiseki" cuisine is the core of Gosechie Restaurant. It is the top of the notch in the Japanese gastronomy.

dashi fish consommé Japanese bento


Our Japanese side dishes brand that labels one the most fine "dashi", Japanese fish  consommé. One of the main ingredient for cooking Japanese.

Hand Made Japanese Pastries Ena Gifu Japan


In Ena, chestnut is the king. Mikuriya's "kurikinton" and "dorayaki" are the best sellers in this brand. There are also different Japanese "wagashi" available.

patisserie GIN NO MORI


Lot of sweets that uses the blessings of the forest, such as `Petit Bois`, pound cakes and confitures.

Italian Restaurant Ena Gifu

Restaurant "KASANE"

 In Japanese, “JUBAKO” is said to be auspicious things that lead to happiness. Enjoy our new casual “JUBAKO” cuisine that leads you to happiness and excitement. 



You can enjoy our gathered selection of sweets,side-dishes,pizza and so on,which all of items are made within our own factory.

You will find all those brands and restaurants in our shopping park of Ena. There are also :

  • A snack bar to eat paninis and drink natural juices and soups
  • A garden that changes according to the seasons : "sakura" or cherry blossoms during Spring, "momiji" or red leaves during Autumn.
  • A forest path along the river close to our factories
  • Our 2 factories : one for pastries and one for osechi

Gin No Mori Ena