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Discover the real taste of rice is to get back to the original essence of the Japanese gastronomy.

Rice sublimated by "wasôzai"

As each region as its own terroir, each bowl of rice - white or brown - is full of delicate flavors. For some people eating rice as it is not easy. "Wasôzai" or side dishes of Okudo offer a full ranges of tastes to sublimate your bowl of rice.

Okudo's secret is "dashi", traditional fish consommé from "katsuo" (bonita) and other sea ingredients. We also use the best ingredients available in Japan to craft each recipe.

Back to the basics

A long time before the gas and electricity, each house had in its kitchen its okudo. Okudo is a local word from Kyoto that means kamado or the hearth that was traditionally used for cooking. The wood was placed under two big places where the pots were put for cooking rice, soups, boiling water … 

From the ancient times to nowadays, fire has a central place in the human communities. Energy, protection, fire is important for survival and for social interaction. It is really a convivial mean to gather people. Some rice with little accompanying was enough to bring happiness.  

Dashi : essence of the Japanese cuisine

Our Okudo line, created with chefs, lets you discover the authentic savors of the Japanese gastronomy.

Even if it is not a luxurious ingredient, its aromas give to any dishes an unique taste that will ravish anybody around a convivial meal.

With rice or any other dishes, Okudo dashi gives to your Japanese cooking a subtle but priceless touch, as a Japanese pro chef.