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Chef Fuji is one of the best at Kaiseki cuisine, the finest Japanese cooking style. His abilities, skills and experience are at your service in Gosechie Restaurant. If you try it, you won't be disappointed.

Inspired by millennia and seasonal traditions

The traditional cuisine of Gosechie is accompanied by traditional tablewares. It is not only about eating or enjoying "haute cuisine", the traditional Japanese design of the restaurant creates an immersing experience.

"Gosechie" means the Five Celebrations. 

The current festivals – sechie 節会 – are originally from India. They came to Japan with the Buddhism from China and mark the four seasons since the Nara period (710-794 AD), where was the capital at this time. Those festivals are known as Gosekku or Five Major Festivals: Jinjitsu (7 January), Hinamatsuri or Jôshi (3 March), Kodomo no Hi or Tango (5 May), Tanabata (7 July) and Kiku no Sekku or Chôyô (9 September).

These festivals are quite widespread in the Chinese world. 

Infos & Reservation

Behind the Gosechie front, it is possible to eat a typical Japanese meal. The seasonal wafu cuisine is inspired by the osechi and served at the counter. There is also a room with horigotatsu – seats below the table above a pit. 8 persons can use the room, ideal for business lunch or dinner, family or friends time.

For dinner, reservation is mandatory. We do not require reservation for lunch.

Opening hours: 11h to 18h

Closed on Wednesday

Reservation by Tel.: 0800-200-5095