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From Kalite Lemon stoves luscious apple pies, tender cheese cake, soft “castella” – local patisserie specialty of Iwamura village that came with the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th Century along the “tempura”- are backed with love. In the little cauldrons, jams are simmering, their suave scent all over the shop.

We closed down kalitelemon on May 27th because of the renovation work.
Thank you for your patronage for a long time.
In addition, some products (freshly baked apple pie, seasonal Gateau fromage, morning cooked raw jam) are available at the main shop after June 2nd ( They are limited in quantity. )

Kalite Lemon revives the old Europe

The use of bricks and the vegetation around the shop are set according the bucolic landscapes of the Loire castles area.

The wide aperture into the kitchen lets you watch the pastry cooks at work. Every day, the suave odors and the bewitching aromas leek from it for our greatest pleasure. Kalite Lemon is personified by Maman Lemon, who brings her basket filled with red apples – maybe to cook an apple pie?

Yoshida Chef Patissier Gin No Mori
Chef Pâtissier Yoshida in action.

Kalite Lemon is sweet

The brand Kalite Lemon of Gin No Mori encompasses the values of bucolic pastries and homemade. Castellas, jams, cheesecakes, tarts, pies, madeleine … different kinds of desserts are about to excite your senses.

Every day, the shop offers seasonal products – so limited in the time. Come to (re)discover the fruits of each season !

Attention ! Some products are only available at the shop.